Job offer

Today I was offered a job, they liked me so much they offered more than was advertised. Problem was I really wanted this job until I turned up and realised I would be working alone with two males, now it’s nothing against the guys there but due to what happened to me when I was little I Instantly had massive anxieties about working alone with two men. Maybe I can forgive the men in the past for doing what they did, maybe I can forget, but the injury it’s done to me and my mental health I can’t forgive and forget.. It’s broke me and that’s something I can only learn to cope with, however never get rid of.

Sharing my experiences

Having suffered with mental health conditions majority of my life, I have never really found the best way to express myself nor do I feel I’ve ever received the best care for my needs. I have always wanted to share my experiences in an attempt to help others or just share insight for people who may not understand. I feel that blogging may help myself but also anyone who has been through the same experiences as me.